Why You Need A Car Wrap

If your business owns a fleet of vehicles — or even one vehicle — a car wrap is one of the most affordable and effective way to advertise and reduce wear and tear on the exteriors of your fleet. Wraps will be designed using your logo, your business colors, and any other design elements you want, printed, and then applied by our expert technicians. Once the wraps have been applied, your vehicles are essentially rolling billboards!

Why You Need Window Tinting

California gets hot. While we don’t have the kind of heat near Sacramento that the southern part of our state has, the summers can be uncomfortably warm, especially inside of your truck, SUV, or car. Studies have shown that the inside of your vehicle can be 40 to 50 degrees warmer than the air outside! Tinted windows are one fast, easy way to lower the temperature inside your car, protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun, and deter thieves from looking into your vehicle.

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Meant to enhance and protect as needed, our vinyl wrap and window tinting services are an extension of the all-encompassing automobile services offered by the specialists at Elite Motor Sports. Serving the entire area surrounding Sacramento, our team uses their extensive talents and skills to ensure superior service and outstanding results in all that we do. From basic maintenance to auto accessories and full vehicle wraps, we’ve got your car covered.  

Vinyl Wraps

We proudly offer the following brands: 

  • 3M
  • Hexis
  • Arlon

Turn heads. Grab attention. Create a vibe. Stand beautifully out from the crowd. Do it all with vinyl wraps on your company vehicles. Thanks to innovations in printing and materials, vehicle wraps are more affordable than ever and have provided more on-the-spot marketing opportunities than most other advertising methods. Using unforgettable imagery, vibrant full-color graphics and high-quality materials, you’ll be able to deliver your message with force, anywhere you go.

At Elite Motor Sports, we use only those materials and application techniques that have proven to be most effective and reliable, ensuring your vinyl wrap lasts beautifully for years.

Window Tint

There’s no doubt that window tinting automatically improves the look of your car. It remains one of the most requested vehicle upgrades for a reason — it simply looks good. But those who choose to add tint to their car windows actually enjoy a number of benefits that aren’t recognized at face value.

These benefits include

  • Decreased UV damage – Blocking harmful rays, your window tinting actually keeps your car’s interior looking new for a longer period of time. UV rays can fade leather and cloth, crack plastic and discolor surfaces.
  • Reduced Solar Heat – The interior of your vehicle often reaches temperatures 40 to 50 degrees hotter than surrounding outside air. Not only are these increases uncomfortable for both you and your passengers, they can stress your car’s engine when trying to cool it to normal temperature ranges.
  • Improved Gas Mileage – Though some would argue that the difference would be marginal, your car could experience higher fuel usage during hotter months without window tint. It comes back to the extra stress that running the air conditioner for extended times places on your engine. The extra drain affects performance and gas mileage.
  • Additional Accident Protection – Window tinting is designed to keep broken auto glass from shattering in the event of an accident or collision. The additional protection also inhibits the efforts of would-be thieves.
  • Increased Privacy and Security – Shielding you and your belongings from the prying eyes of strangers, tinted windows elevate your security, both while driving or when parked in public areas.

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